Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I am sure by now everyone is well aware that I am the worst blogger ever! Life has been busy! This is for Darcy who actually got on my case for not posting anything recent...and even then, that was weeks ago...so again, I am the worst! ha ha

Bria is now 6 months old. She is a doll! I cannot believe how incredibly sweet and laid back she is. She really only cries if she is wet or hungry, otherwise she is smiling and laughing. I keep wondering when she will "flip" because I never thought I deserved such a great baby based off the hell that I gave my parents. Bria is such a blessing, she has brought our family so much closer, oh I just love her!!

Nadia is a proud big sister. She changes diapers, feeds Bria, and gets her ready for bed. I never have to ask her to help because she is so eager to be a little mommy. Nadia is finishing up her kindergarten year and has recently received a math award....yeah for my little smarty pants! She will be 6 in May and continues to impress me daily with her vocabulary, sarcasm, and overall wittiness. She is a spitting image of me! One of Nadia's biggest accomplishments (in my opinion) this year was kicking a little boy in his nuts because he kissed her. She got a big fat HIGH FIVE for that one!!

Anthony and I are currently in escrow for our first home. We will be moving to Calimesa, CA which is on the outskirts of Yucaipa, CA. It is a quaint little town and country enough for him and city enough for me. The house is more than double the size we are in now, but needs a lot of TLC. The equity is there and it is an overall good investment. We are super excited, however the deal can potentially still fall through based on the selling bank...so keep your fingers crossed!

Also in the meantime I have been working on getting back into school for my second Masters Degree. With current state of the economy I have been unable to find a job! So I have decided to be a special education teacher and let Cal State find me a job (you have to have a job to be in the program). I would be contracted for 2 years, so by the time my contract would end, hopefully the education system will be in better shape...we will see!

Ultimately I am living on faith. I have decided to not stress over the small things, and even though I may not understand many things, I know that my Heavenly Father is watching out for me and directing my paths. Everything happens for a reason and timing is everything. I can definitely attest to that!!!

All in all we are all healthy and happy and working on building stronger relationships as a family as well as building stronger relationships with our Heavenly Father. As long as we have faith and endure to the end; anything is possible!


Evan's Wifey said...

chalk it up for darcy! Darcy:1 everyone else: 0 haha thank you for the update. It was so great to see some adorable pictures of my girls...yay..thank you sista for the update..and I hope you guys get the house, im glad I got an update on that too cuz I didnt know what had happened...good luck

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so adorable! You'll be moving closer our way now, we were in Yucaipa, and now we live in Beaumont. We actually moved a year ago from the ward you're moving into! Congrats on the new house and (sort of) new baby!!

Stacey said...

Yesss! An update!!! I peek in on you every so often.... :)
I'm glad all is good! YOur girls are precious! Such a good baby and big sis! so cute.

Good luck with escrow!