Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trying to blog....

Yes I know, I am the worst blogger known to mankind! I always try to think of something witty and fun to write, but always have writers block as soon as I sit. Of course I would like to blame it on the "no time" excuse, but really I just don't have a lot to say! I am typically not a whiner and I try not to write anything that would portray me as such. So I always try to think of something positive or exciting to post.....hence the few sporadic posts! I guess we are just living. The family is healthy and happy and that is all I could want and ask for.

Nadia at her kindergarten graduation program

Bria, Nadia, and Rocky....chillin'

Bria and I .......6/09

Nadia and I after her graduation program

The girls love to bathe together!

Anthony and Bria ......Easter 09