Friday, October 31, 2008

pics of the romance...

The night of our first kiss.... September 2006
Anthony nearly attacked me! I think he may have felt a little pressured because I was leaving for Utah the next day and he wanted to "lock" me in so to speak!

December 2006
We knew we were in love, we knew we were going to marry, I just had to wait for him to ask! Nadia started to adapt to having a guy around that always spoiled our fun!! ha ha jk:)

Our Wedding Day! March 24, 2007

Our Honeymoon!

"Our Story"

Today is my first blog. Consequently it is Halloween and being that Bria is too young, we stayed in instead of trekked around Loma Linda. I will start my new blog page with "our story". I think we have a really cool story, you be the judge, feel free to be jealous, however that's not a recommendation!

August 2005
My bother Michael and his friend Darren wanted to go to the singles ward in Redlands, although at that time I think they were meeting somewhere in Mentone. Anyhow, I was going through my divorce which wasn't quite finalized at that point, but I wanted to go and check out the "merchandise" anyway. I remember walking into the chapel, sitting with Nick and Andy Terry and perusing the chapel to see if there was anyone worth coming back for. Within seconds my eyes focused in on one guy with the bluest of blue eyes I had ever seen. Funny thing was, he was sitting ACROSS the room! He was wearing a blue shirt which totally accented his eyes. I thought, "Holy cow, that guy is hot!" From that point on, this blue eyed guy was known as the "Hot mormon guy". I talked to both Andy and Nick about him and they actually were friends with him! I wanted to stay and talk, I wanted to meet this hot guy, however my ride (Michael and Darren) was leaving, and I was never able to meet this hot mormon guy.

October 2005-March 2006
I returned to the singles ward, however I never made it. This meaning that when I went to go try to find my hot mormon guy I went to the wrong building, or there was stake conference, or this or that and I never made it back to the ward.

September 2006
I saw Andy Terry at my ward and asked him about the hot mormon guy, he said that he was newly single and that he should be at church that day....I hightailed it to the singles ward! When I arrived, I check the scenery to see if anyone stood out....and there he was! and I still thought he was hot! After sacrament meeting he came up to me to introduce himself. He told me his name was Anthony, and I told him "You're hot" he looked at me in disbelief and then said, "what are we doing on Friday?" We flirted for about 30 more minutes as we abbreviated our lives to one another to see if we had interest. I gave him the digits and I left with my bother (Scott) to go home to my mom's birthday party. Two hours later, Anthony called, we talked, laughed, and teased each other. He asked me out to a FHE the next night which incidently was a SWIM party (boyfriend wanted to get a view of me in my knickers!). We went to FHE together and laughed the entire time. After that, we were inseperable. We waited 8 days for our first kiss, we really wanted a solid friendship..ha ha! Anthony proposed to me on January 6, 2007, and we married on March 24, 2007.

The fact is, growing up I always had this dream of what my husband would be like. I imagined his looks, his hobbies, and of course what my kids would look like. Early in life I settled for something that wasn't even close to my "dream guy". When I met Anthony, I knew he was the one for me, that he was the one I had always dreamed about, and that he would become my eternal companion. In his eyes I see my eternity....MORAL of the story, DON'T SETTLE!!!