Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ahh sisters:)

Bria and Nadia have become more interactive in the last couple of weeks. It is so sweet to see the bond already forming. Bria gets into Nadia's stuff, and on most days Nadia is nonchalant about it....Of course there are those days where Nadia is beyond annoyed with her little sister. Nonetheless, they are sweet together. As a working mother, sometimes I feel as though I miss out on a lot, however when I am able to catch moments like this on camera, it definitely makes me feel like I haven't missed a heartbeat.

Don't wake the ZOMBIE!

So I have heard a dozen times that Nadia sleeps with her eyes open. I have never really paid much attention to it, or really had the time to even care. However, today she decided to take a nap on our couch... and right before me, I was able to see it! She looks CRAZY! The pictures kind of scare me, but nonetheless, I will post them anyway for all to see my freak of a daughter sleeping with her eyes open.... Man, I love my Nadia!