Thursday, November 20, 2008

California Fires 2008

Well we actually made it through October without many wildfires. However the large fires started last weekend. Anthony called me from work seeing if I would "okay" his departure to the fire. Really this is his passion and something I know NOT to dispute. He was able to use some PTO and leave work and head out to Brea to receive his orders. He was there for 20 hours, that night he slept under the stars, in the dirt, with thick smoke surround, and froze his tooshie off. Afterwards they went to base camp to get their next assignment. There he was directed to go to Yorba Linda to control the area that had previously burned and assure that all hot spots were extinguished. The next couple of days he was stationed at various areas. He was with families that returned home to find they had lost everything. He would help them sift through the ashes to try to find lost treasures that may have surivied the heat. He was away from home for a good 72 hours, and now has an obsession with flashlights.....go figure:)


Live, Laugh, Love said...

flashlights...oh yes... the one josh has was like 120 dollars!! :/

Evan's Wifey said...

Oh look at my brother! What a hero!! makes me want to cry to think he was there sifting through the ashes with people as they lost everything just as we lost everything. Sad day!